The Kabine

How Are You?

Are you starting to get antsy?

We have been keeping busy at The Kabine, but, I understand if you are starting to get a little stir crazy, so are we.   I hear the road calling us.  

Thank you!  

We are very grateful for each of you who made a purchase and reached out to say hello.  

When you choose a treasure at The Kabine it is helping us move forward, inspire 

and keep our spirits up.  

As we continue to be afar from our friends and family if we can help lift your spirits and the ones around you The Kabine would be honored.  As you know we love real mail and times like this reminds why I passionately believe in the joy and importance of sending little treats 

via real mail.   


  It is, also, important to provide some therapy for our souls.  We may feel we have lost control, but the tactile act of using a pencil to write or sketch, learning a new instrument,  reading new things on the pages of a book or the simple act of getting outside brings back feelings of connection.

We are starting to plan for how and when we will open A Tiny Shiny Shop™.   

At this time we are working on a secret project and planning for a new version of being open sometime in the summer.

Until we meet again on the road we are here.  

Sending good vibes and wishing you good health.

xo Kim and shop dog Meri

(Please see below for more details.)

About / FAQ's



Welcome to the Kabine! 

 (pronounced kah-been-uh)

We are a Tiny Shiny Shop™ specializing in slow stationery and travel goods located in a 1965 Airstream. 

Why a stationery shop?  I love the tradition of sending postcards when on the road.   I, also, loved going to the local stationery shop and 5 & 10 stores as a child.  From those treasured moments The Kabine was born to offer you goods that assist in unplugging more, to connect in meaningful ways and are ready for travel.

All our stationery and travel goods are thoughtfully curated and based on our motto -

Find inspiration in travel, relationships, music, laughter and tenacity.

Goods are from Japan, Germany, vintage finds,  goods discovered on our travels and items created in the Kabine Studio. Many goods are unique to The Kabine!

Why an Airstream?   I fell in love with its design, that it is made for travel and the freedom it inspires.

We invite you to explore  The Kabine a.k.a. The Tiny Shiny Shop™.   Nothing beats the real thing!

A Shop.

“There is a lot of slow space, but not wasted space."  Mr. Rogers.

  • We are committed to making and finding unique quality goods from paper to pencils, typewriters to ukuleles,  journals to books  and more, all inspired by travel!

  • We believe in supplying goods that inspire connecting in meaningful ways, make life more enjoyable, are beautiful and last for many roads.  

All our offerings consider the impact they have or will have on the environment.

A Studio. A Celebration.

A Studio.

We like to say The Kabine is our happy place.  Inspiration flows in the Airstream and we take that opportunity by using the space to design and create some of our goods.

A Celebration.

The Kabine celebrates life on the road and curiosity.  

Whether you travel near, far or in your mind it is all good.  


Personal Shopping

Found something on the road in the Kabine but not online?  Let us know and we are happy to make a special listing for you.

 Need a gift,  a treat for yourself or not sure,  just ask.  We would love to help.

Gift Wrapping

We are happy to gift wrap any Kabine Good for a small fee (waived during April and May 2020) or assist in picking out the perfect gift.  Please send us a note  telling us what you would like wrapped and a little about the recipient.

Our wrapping is inspired by Japanese packaging.  We use reusable or recyclable items to prepare a simple beautiful presentation.  


  • Secure payments via Square
  • Shipping in USA only
  • Flat rate shipping via USPS, delivery expected 1-3 days - $8.50  - Please note as a Tiny Shiny Shop we do not profit from shipping/handling charges and sometimes it exceeds our flat rate.   We understand you may desire one item or a small good.  We are happy to refund excess shipping costs when applicable and requested, please note at checkout.  Thank you for shopping tiny!
  • Free shipping orders may have a longer delivery time.  
  • Free shipping special while supplies last or until we reopen A Tiny Shiny Shop.
  • USPS may be experiencing longer delivery times due to covid-19.
  • No fee for order pick up at The Kabine.
  • No fee for orders hand delivered by The Kabine in the STL metro area.
  • All sales final.  If a return is necessary,  goods must be in original condition.  Shipping charges not refundable.
  • Customer responsible for return shipping costs.
  • Home base St. Louis, MO
  • Full collection of Kabine Goods on the road ---  nothing beats the real thing!


The Kabine strives to offer goods and experiences with high value.  What is high value?

To us it means the following:

  1. Unique goods
  2. Goods made with quality materials
  3. Goods that add meaningful connections to your life
  4. Goods that you will use 
  5. Goods offered at a fair price in partner with all of the above
  6. Goods with a low impact on the environment
  7. We chose partners who are thoughtful, sole woman entrepreneurs, artists and other small businesses
  8. Shipping - As a small business it is very challenging matching the larger companies shipping charges.  The Kabine decided at this time when shipping charges apply to ship via USPS Priority Mail or First Class with the goal to get it to you in 1-3 days.  The benefits are orders typically arrive in that window and tracking and insurance are provided. Plus, we will never just throw your items in a box.  We want the experience of opening your package to be as enjoyable as the good you selected.
  9. The Kabine strives to do good by giving back to our community.  We believe in the power of a pebble. 
  10. Gemütlichkeit - a cozy place that inspires cheerfulness and is welcoming to all.

What people are saying about The Kabine!

"This is by far the coolest little shop on Earth! The owner and her four legged greeting system always have the best inventory. Can’t wait to visit again." Millie

"Love the typewriter! I skipped getting a nice meal in CWE to come right back to Sainte Genevieve to try it out. The key action is fantastic..." Maureen

"A very special experience!" Ann

"World's best camper...ever." Emily

" paper art shop in a tiny trailer!"  Janice

"Thank you for reintroducing me to something I didn't even realize I missed!" David

We look forward to seeing you on the road --- !

Find inspiration in travel, relationships, music, laughter and tenacity.

The Kabine®  est. 2016

Proprietresses Kim Hayes, Americone Dream and the Tiny Shiny Shop are

 Two Girls and and a Trailer, est. 2004