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No Junk Mail Club®


Happí Mailboxes via The Kabine No Junk Mail Club!

The No Junk Mail Subscription Club launched in spring 2019.  It wants to inspire sending real mail by making it more fun, to kick start the ripple effect of more real mail in return and to supply goods for your next adventure via the joy and convenience of real mail.

The packages are inspired by our motto:

"Find inspiration in travel, relationships. laughter, music and tenacity."

It starts with the No Junk Mail Club Starter Kit, filled with goods to kick start your mailing adventures.  Included is the No Junk Mail pledge postcard to mail to yourself guaranteeing real mail right away!  

Who says you can't mail yourself real mail?  

Let's fight the junk mail blues with The No Junk Mail Club, order here!

Happí Mailboxes via No Junk Mail Club Package Subscriptions - Next Package Fall 2020

Recurring Subscription

$49.95 per quarter 

Step 1.  Order No Junk Mail Starter Kit  $44.95

Step 2.   You will receive a welcome email inviting your to signup for recurring billing

Step 3.  We will send you an invoice for the next available package to sign up

What to always expect

  • Stationery and postage stamps
  • Writing utensil
  • Designs by guest artists
  • Ephemera
  • Handmade elements
  • Goods may be exclusive to club members
  • Goods may be introduced first to club members
  • Limited edition printed material


  • Subscriptions guarantee you will receive your No Junk Mail package before it sells out
  • Limited edition and vintage items go to subscribers first
  • Savings on Kabine stationery
  • At times you may upgrade your box with special goods with no additional shipping charges
  • During the winter holidays we will have additional curated gift boxes
  • Free shipping

No Junk Mail Club Individual Subscription

$49.95 plus shipping/handling

Please start by purchasing the Starter Kit  $44.95.

When a new package is available simply go to the "A Shop" page and order.



  • Savings on Kabine stationery
  • Potential savings on goods included in box
  • At times you may upgrade your box with special goods
  • During the winter holidays we will have additional curated gift boxes

Simple as that to have a happy mailbox and spread the joy of real mail!

Happí Mailboxes via Mini No Junk Mail Club Package

The Mini No Junk Mail Club 

  • Always includes pencils, postcards and postage
  • Packages range from $10-$15 plus shipping/handling
  • Mailed throughout the year
  • Limited quantities available
  • May include vintage items and items not typically available in the Tiny Shiny Shop

Who is it for?

The club is suited for everyone!  

We will strive to make it suitable for all ages and all pronouns.

Join with friends for instant pen pals!


  • No Junk Mail packages announced and sent throughout the year
  • New packages are announced via our newsletter and Instagram.  
  • Shipped via USPS. 
  • Free shipping for recurring subscribers
  • We strive to minimize packaging and make it reusable or recyclable.    Please note to encourage reusing we use MT Washi tape on certain items.  MT Washi tape will not tear paper if removed carefully.
  • No returns.  If you don't love something in the package, pass it on!  Remember the pledge to pass on the joy of real mail?
  • You may unsubscribe at anytime, but no less than 15 days prior to mailings by emailing 

Handy No Junk Mail Information

Current Postage Rates

Postcard     35¢

Letters        55¢

Square, oversized & unusual envelopes 70¢

Each additional ounce  15¢

International Postcard  $1.20

International Letter (not over 1 ounce)  $1.20


Maximum postcard size 4 1/4" x 6" 

Maximum letter size 6 1/8" x 11 1/2"

Minimum postcard  and letter size 3 1/2"  x  5"

National Letter Writing Month